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Product Overview
Prospective Customers
Domestic and foreign corporate customers.
Basic Qualifications
The customer has opened a basic deposit account or general deposit account in our bank; has good credit standing; abides by the national industrial policy and our credit policy; can provide lawful and effective guarantee; has the ability to repay the principal and interest on schedule, etc.
Loan Term
Within one year (including one year). Revolving Credit Mode within one year may also be adopted.
It is a foreign currency loan aimed to meet the borrower's daily operating turnover need or seasonal and temporary financing demand, with the borrower’s operating income or other legitimate income as the repayment source.
Handling Procedures
The enterprise files a written application to our bank and submits relevant materials.
Our bank reviews the company and make a decision on whether to grant a loan.
A loan contract is signed.
Mortgage, pledge or other guarantee procedures are implemented.
Our bank grants the loan in accordance with the agreement.